Learn basics of meditation, mindfulness and other skills while having the accountability of a community. 

Starts Monday, February 1st

Register: One hour, every Monday in February at 6pm PST for 4 weeks. $88 ($22/class)

February 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd

This is Part 1 of a multi-part series. Part 2 will be available in March to continue your journey.

MEDITATION, MINDFULNESS & ENERGY COURSE Part 1 starts next week. Mondays at 6pm PST in February. 4 weeks, 4 hours of interactive learning.

When I ask my clients "Do you meditate?", so many of them say "I'm not good at it" - I ask what they mean and they ALWAYS say, "I sit there and I can't stop thinking." and I tell them that means they're doing it right! The very first step in Mindfulness Meditation is simply being aware that you're thinking. Remember all the times each day you're thinking on automatic and the thoughts aren't even true. I'm trained in Mindfulness Meditation (and starting continuing education this month in a 2-year certification course), so I'll be teaching you primarily from this modality, but also some fun energy tricks that I know from my other work.⁠

⁠In this 4-week group, I will teach you basic meditation, mindfulness and energetic intelligence skills. We will do guided meditations & energy exercises together each week + group discussion about what's working for you while creating a habit. Everyone will commit to a short mindfulness or meditation activity every day through the course. This group is good for all levels of experience and is a pre-requisite for Part Two. If you're already advanced in meditation and want to advance to Part Two, please contact me. Part Two class is scheduled to begin in March as a continuation of Level One.⁠

February 01, 2021 — Mary-Lynne Williams