Palo Santo & Selenite Bundle- Crystal Smoke Cleanse

$14.00 USD

SELENITE: A extremely high vibrational crystal that can be used with other crystals to amplify their effect as well as a cleanser & recharger.

Palo Santo ( HOLY WOOD): When burned produces ions that help wash away airborne pathogens and dispel any negative energy. Palo Santo smoke will cleanse your space and allow for new opportunities to manifest. It produces minimal smoke with a sweet, citrus & woodsy scent.

Details: *Sustainably harvested

*Approximately 4"

*Bundle includes 1 piece of Palo Santo & 1 piece of Selenite wrapped in cotton twill & adorned with a golden star & dried lavender.

*Includes a "BURN CARD" with instructions on "How to Cleanse Your Space"

⭐️Some variation may occur as these are hand tied and materials can differ in weight, fullness, and density.


Production: Ethically sourced and Sustainably sourced