We have an exciting opportunity for holistic-minded entrepreneurs to join a wellness community in the Bellevue neighborhood of Richmond, VA at 4025 MacArthur Ave. We are open to including full-time or part-time tenants of the spaces as well as individuals who are wellness practitioners seeking employment opportunities vs space renting.

About Us 
Buffalo Firefly Wellness is an LGBTQ, feminist-led team on a mission to support everyone in living a healthy, purposeful life. Mary-Lynne Williams founded the company in 2019 after leaving a 23-year career as a design director in the tech industry at companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Zillow. Mary-Lynne is the owner and curator of the spaces and we welcome other practitioners who align well with our mission and values. The mission of Buffalo Firefly is to help people find their own voice in the midst of a world that demands they be something else — to help them slow down and be in the present moment. Buffalo represents the earth element and grounding. Firefly represents brightness, energy and delight. Buffalo Firefly offers energy healing modalities such as Meditation classes, Reiki and more. The associated retail shop offers high quality healing crystals, crystal alchemy singing bowls, books, tarot decks, aromatherapy and organic, non-toxic body products. Buffalo Firefly serves a community from beyond Richmond. We also host a number of licensed, well-established wellness practitioners such as massage therapists, reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, and a yoga studio. The space is serene, but active. In 2022, we had the honor of launching a new mural on the side of our building painted by Richmond local Nico Cathcart of a local black trans activist named Aurora Higgs.
We especially welcome clients, practitioners and employees who are queer, trans, non-binary, people of color, disabled, parents, are/have been system impacted, are immigrants, and anyone who has experienced systemic oppression or gender-based violence. You will find this space to be free of threatening or offensive acts of any nature that focus on an individual's race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, immigration status, religion or disability.
We have 2 treatment spaces available. The rooms are newly renovated and partially furnished (details to be discussed with candidates). Each room is approximately 160 sq ft (roughly 17x9 feet). We are a wellness studio with well-established licensed practitioners, a yoga studio and meditation studio. The two available spaces would be perfect for a reiki or healing arts practitioner, shaman, astrologer, massage therapist, naturopath, acupuncturist, or someone looking for a place to see clients for their holistic wellness practice.
Details & How To Apply
Rooms are available as early as October 1, 2022. Preference will be given to established practitioners with existing clients that align with the curation of our wellness services.
Monthly Rent: $722/mo
Daily Rent: $35/day
To apply, please send your cover letter, resume, and be willing to share a list of 3 client references (names and email address) to Mary-Lynne Willams, Owner, at buffalo.firefly@gmail.com with the subject line “Treatment room rental.” Please include your name and preferred pronouns on all documents. Please speak to how your experience and qualifications match what we are looking for in your cover letter. We expect to receive a large number of applications for these rooms, so your cover letter is your best opportunity to demonstrate why you are the right person for our collective. Please also note: we will not contact your references without notifying you first.
  • Your first screening will be over zoom or in person to meet Mary-Lynne or one of the team. You'll see the available spaces and be sure it's what you're looking for.
  • The 2nd round of interviews involves one of us receiving a service from you as a trial.
  • Decisions will be made when we find great candidates to round out the services here.
Folks who are queer, trans, non-binary, people of color, disabled, parents, those who are/have been system impacted, are immigrants, and anyone who has experienced systemic oppression or gender-based violence are encouraged to apply.
To work in our community, we require full vaccinations and boosters against COVID-19 and periodic compliance with any indoor mask requirements (we do not currently require masks in our common areas - practitioners make decisions on masking within their own healing rooms), these requirements change depending on community transmission numbers;
  • Utilities
  • Interior maintenance
  • cleaning of common areas
  • toiletries
  • Hi-speed wifi (gigabit)
  • Street parking
  • Partially furnished space
  • Access to common hallways, waiting areas and all-gendered restroom facilities.
  • Your business will be featured on our outdoor signs
  • This rental opportunity is much like co-working. There are many opportunities for marketing yourself and space to rent hourly access for in-house for workshops, classes, tutoring, discussions, etc in our larger spaces.
MacArthur Ave is a busy retail block with restaurants and a busy coffee shop. We are an established wellness center recently renovated and infused with an ongoing redesign by Buffalo Firefly. Our grand opening was April 2022.
The following photos are of other parts of the wellness center. The rooms renovations will be similar look and feel. Photos to be updated.