8" C+45 Grandmother Bowl


This bowl is sold as a single, and may be mixed and matched with other bowls and sets as you add to your collection over time. 

Tarot Card: 10 of Cups

I pulled tarot cards from Tarot of the Holy Spectrum Deck for each bowl that is sold as a single (ie not part of a set). The card pulled for this bowl is the 10 of Cups.

In addition to the characteristics of the bowl itself or your own intentions, this bowl will come to you with a 10 of Cups vibe. Fulfillment, emotional security, flowing relationships, peace, contentment and celebration.

8" C+45 Grandmother Bowl, Solar Plexus Chakra, Confidence, Root Chakra

grandmother path, ageless wisdom, nurturing energy, courage, assertiveness, magnetic, strong, determination, security, peace of mind, stress relief, enthusiasm, steadfastness, realization, focus, direction, patience, creativity, honor, sharpness, tenacity, confidence

The connection energy of love and caring. Embraces your spirit's ageless feminine wisdom and the spiraling DNA of creation/birth. The consciousness of a life well lived and lived courageously.

What are Alchemy Crystal Bowls?
Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are the most elegant, ethereal crystal singing bowls on the market. They are smaller and lighter than the more conventional frosted white crystal singing bowls with their 99.995% pure crystal structure infused with other precious gemstones, metals, and minerals. Our patented fusion technology that allows us to meld these elements together not only enhances the inherent energetic properties of the crystal singing bowls, but also adds an additional beauty and unique artistry that is like no other crystal singing bowls you can find elsewhere.

Crystal Bowl Tonal Keys
High C ~ above the crown, higher spirituality, soul star 
B ~ crown chakra, connection to Source, where we move out of duality back into the Oneness 
A# ~ pineal gland, the main center for anchoring the light of enlightenment in the brain 
A ~ third eye chakra, the intuitive all seeing eye
G# ~ main endocrine system support (thyroid, pineal, pituitary), anchoring light into the brain
G ~ throat chakra, expression, creativity, thyroid support 
F# ~ divine/high heart, unconditional heart, unity, support the thymus gland and immune system
F ~ heart chakra, loving, support human love
E ~ solar plexus chakra, working with the mind and internal organs
D# ~ integrating spiritual plane into physical, pancreas support
D ~ sacral chakra, emotional body
C# ~ sexuality, spirituality, grounding, adrenal support
C ~ root chakra, grounding