9" B-15 Advance Selenite Aqua Aura Gold Bowl

$1,949.00 USD

This bowl is sold as a single, and may be mixed and matched with other bowls and sets as you add to your collection over time. We can help you find pairings that work well together if you like. Feel free to schedule a listening session to hear a variety of bowls and for help finding bowls that sound great together! You can also read our FAQ about selecting bowls to learn more.

Swipe the product image to listen to a recording of this bowl. To accurately hear what the bowl sounds like, we strongly recommend listening with headphones!

9" B-15 Advance Selenite Aqua Aura Gold Bowl

The sound of selenite can be directed with loving laser-like intention to work on specific areas of the body to transmit light and energy to help clears blockages, and magnify our intuition and psychic abilities. Selenite attracts and expresses the pure light of our multiverse source. With a Platinum inside super this bowl has a calming, steadying, grounding effect for perfect attunement resonance. (Advance Selenite refers to the frosted selenite material being treated & less likely to accept fingerprints than some selenite bowls). 

Combined with Aqua Aura Gold, Influencing the balance of the analytical mind and transmuting blockages that give rise to disharmony, this alchemy lovingly entrains the auric fields for quantum shifting and activating. This bowl plays a B note, which aligns with the Crown Chakra.

Each bowl comes with a rubber o-ring and a silicon wand. We recommend purchasing a carrying case as well, as this allows us to ship as safely as possible. Please contact us for details on our available carrying cases or browse cases here.

What are Crystal Tones® Alchemy Bowls?

Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are the most elegant, ethereal crystal singing bowls on the market. They are smaller and lighter than the more conventional frosted white crystal singing bowls with their 99.995% pure crystal structure infused with other precious gemstones, metals, and minerals. Their patented fusion technology that allows them to meld these elements together not only enhances the inherent energetic properties of the crystal singing bowls, but also adds an additional beauty and unique artistry that is like no other crystal singing bowls you can find elsewhere.

Singing Bowl Notes and Corresponding Chakras

High C ~ above the crown, higher spirituality, soul star 
B ~ crown chakra, connection to Source, where we move out of duality back into the Oneness 
A# ~ pineal gland, the main center for anchoring the light of enlightenment in the brain 
A ~ third eye chakra, the intuitive all seeing eye
G# ~ main endocrine system support (thyroid, pineal, pituitary), anchoring light into the brain
G ~ throat chakra, expression, creativity, thyroid support 
F# ~ divine/high heart, unconditional heart, unity, support the thymus gland and immune system
F ~ heart chakra, loving, support human love
E ~ solar plexus chakra, working with the mind and internal organs
D# ~ integrating spiritual plane into physical, pancreas support
D ~ sacral chakra, emotional body
C# ~ sexuality, spirituality, grounding, adrenal support
C ~ root chakra, grounding