Arizona Petrified Wood


These are shown Sunday May 29 at 3pm ET on Instagram.⁠

Arizona Petrified Wood!!! I'm excited about this because I have had a giant piece of Arizona Wood for a few years now. I use it next to my meditation space to help me ground. I've been hunting for these for awhile and couldn't locate a good source. But Laura and I found this load of super high quality stuff in Tucson this year. ⁠

Tree energy. All we need is tree energy. 🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲

Arizona wood is known for it's deep rich rust tones or rainbow coloring. The darker brown one in the back is from a rare type of fossilized wood of a tree that no longer lives today called Schilderia Adamanica. This wood is said to be from the Triassic period and has a unique structure that when discovered in 1932 allowed it to take the title of a new genus. ⁠

If you'd like some wood that rubbed elbows with dinosaurs, come check these out. ⁠

It is no longer legal to collect Petrified Wood from Arizona’s Petrified Forest. The family that I bought these from has their collection from before it became legally protected. These will disappear from the market soon and only be in collections... like yours. :)⁠

Prices range from $11-$144⁠