Blue Kyanite w/Mica from Zambia

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You'll find these shown in their full glory on Instagram in a story sale the weekend starting Saturday March 13th.

One of the first crystals I owned was Blue Kyanite. I asked the woman who owned the shop called The Love of Ganesha located in the Haight in San Francisco - what crystals are good for the throat chakra? I had been working in the tech industry and I honestly felt like all the implied and not-so-implied expectations of me as a woman leader had completely taken away my ability to speak truth and be myself. I had chronic laryngitis which was present up to the very last job interview I did for a tech job before I started Buffalo Firefly. Walking into a room with the hiring manager, my voice immediately stopped working as soon as I started speaking. Obviously the universe was telling me something.

The shop owner, the sweetest woman, directed me to Blue Lace Agate and Blue Kyanite. I still haven't located large pieces of the agate which is amazing! But I did find these really beautiful pieces of kyanite The piece I bought that day was a kyanite fan. They're *fine*, but I've really been looking for a very high quality kyanite (as is the theme for my shop).

I have a handful of these releasing right now. These are Zambian Blue Kyanite w/Mica. Swipe to see a photo of the translucency from this kind of kyanite which I. snagged from my supplier. They are super cool. I have 3 sizes (roughly 4-5 inches long in varying diameters.



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