Clear Quartz Cluster, Brazil


Quartz clusters make great statement pieces, but they also work well to clear your other crystals. Gently rest another crystal on top for a quick recharge. Use them at your entryway next to a big piece of tourmaline to raise the vibration and transmute the unwanted.⁠

This water clear clusters are in perfect condition. 

One distinctive ability of the clear quartz is that you can program the crystal with your intent. You can also charge it with specific energy, be it from nature or people.
To program a crystal with intent means the crystal will hold specific thoughts or a quality of energy that you ask it to hold. To charge it with energy from nature, for example, means the crystal will absorb and carry the energy you take it to in any natural spot that you want to feel connected to—be it a rainforest, a jungle, or your favorite spot on the beach.

This listing is for the exact crystal in the photos.