Clear Quartz Faceted Freeforms


You'll find the details of these individual crystals in a live video on Instagram Sunday 12/12.

Clear Quartz is the little black dress of the crystal world. You can never have too many and they are good for so many occasions. These are faceted freeform shaped high grade clear quartz from Brazil. I love this shape!

Use them to clear a room, raise your vibe, or to set and manifest any intention. These make great palmstone alternatives. They're smooth and the corners aren't sharp, so they are nice to hold. They also lay flat on the body if you want to clear a chakra or place it on a painful shoulder as you chill out with your favorite evening activity. Read a book, sip a beverage, or binge the latest Netflix top 10. 

Many of these have rainbows, even if they aren't showing up in the videos. Rainbows have a habit of coming out to play when they please. So, I captured some of them, but they are all delightful! 

This listing is only for the freeform pieces. The towers will be in another listing when they are ready to be released.


Additional Info:

The crystals in the photos are representative of this collection and are not always the exact crystal you are buying since they are shown in full view on videos on Instagram.

These are natural crystals and have flaws and imperfections as part of the growing and mining process. All qualities outlined in the Instagram video represent the crystal you are choosing.