Garnet Faceted N11


Garnet is my most magical tool when I need a peaceful grounding. I hold it in my hand whenever I feel hopeless (politics amirite?). It's said that Garnet was found on Noah's Ark and gave the passengers hope through all of the struggle. Persephone is said to hold the key to where the Garnet first came into being. The Goddess of Sunshine was captured by Hades and carried down into the underworld. He tricked her into eating the gleaming pomegranate seeds which were said to have bound her to him forever. However, Persephone needed to walk in the light of the sun and wasn’t one to be kept shut away from the world. She struck a deal with Hades that she would split her time between the earth and the world beneath, and thus the seasons were born.  

This is one of those stones that I recommend everyone have in their magic toolkit. 

The code in the product title is our reference code for this stone. We use our hands or a coin for scale in the photos.

Additional Info:

The crystal in these photos is the exact crystal you are ordering.

These are natural crystals and have flaws and imperfections as part of the growing and mining process.

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