Extra Large Lemurian Seed Quartz - L3


 Lemurian Crystals from Brazil. These crystals are high luster and in near perfect condition. It looks like a couple of the facets might have been polished here and there, but are mostly natural. Some chips are present and the specimens are priced accordingly. These are near my wholesale cost, so this is a really great deal! 

Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystals are said to be used back in Ancient Lemuria days by advanced races of beings. Thus these crystals are very advanced and have a focus on high technology, DNA, and social engineering. These master healers assist in helping one get in touch with – and using intuition.

The striations themselves represent significant timelines in the history of human development. An example would be how current technology has moved from phonograph records, to cassette tapes, to cds to downloadable and streaming music. Each one of these advancements could be viewed as a single striated line on the crystal. Thus running your fingers over the Lemurian Seed crystal will connect you with time line events that each crystal has recorded. The crystal will impart its knowledge to you using this technique. As these crystals have a strong focus on intuition, it is completely natural and absolutely encouraged that one use their intuition in finding the best way for the individual to interface with this vast library of crystal information.

These crystals are the exact one shown in the photos.