Green Vivianite


Shown in stories and saved to highlights on Instagram Sun Dec 19.

Vivianite is a heart healing stone. The stone helps to remove that ache that makes you mistrust all your connections. The stone pairs well with other heart stones like Rose Quartz and Moldavite. 

These stones are from Rosia Poeni, Romania - they came fastened to an acrylic stand, so just be aware of that when you order. The stands are basically glued on. They may be able to be carefully removed if you'd like. But they are set up to be a display piece.


Additional Info:

The crystals in the photos are representative of this collection and are not the exact crystal you are buying since they are shown in full view on videos on Instagram. 

These are natural crystals and have flaws and imperfections as part of the growing and mining process. All qualities outlined in the Instagram video represent the crystal you are choosing.