Hexahedron Concrete Incense Burner by Shaman's Market

$25.00 USD


Handmade. Modern. Minimal.

This multi-use design is for burning your favorite stick and rope-style incense. The solid 2.5 mm brass rod is easily removable and the handmade Palo Santo bead holds stick incense perfectly upright. Every burner has a water-based coating and is finished with a hand-cut cork bottom to protect your surfaces.

Each piece is unique. Common anomalies such as air bubbles and voids will vary. This is expected and celebrated. Designed with your modern rituals in mind.

Choose your color - made with oxide pigments from the Earth. Both the coral and white burners are made with gypsum cement, but only the white contains a black aggregate giving it a speckled look. Handmade in Michigan, USA.

Size: .75" tall with a 4.5" diameter