Lapis Lazuli Bowls and Boxes


Shown Sunday 11/13/22 on Instagram in a Live Sale!

Lapis Lazuli, Stone of Wisdom

Lapis Lazuli has been a symbol of vision, spirit, and royalty since ancient times. A prized stone in ancient Egypt, Rome, and Persia, this stone was one of the "gods," and the gold/silver flecks that sometimes appear in the stone reminded people of the stars in the night sky, guiding their way and transforming their lives. May it guide yours as well as reminding you that you are the divine in human form.

Also known as a stone of "universal truth" it activates your access to the higher mind and strengthens intellectual activity and deep memory. Lapis is a loving stone of friendship and helps bring harmony into relationships across the board.

Additional Info:

These are made from natural crystals and have flaws and imperfections as part of the growing and mining process. All qualities outlined in the Instagram video represent the item you are choosing.