Mood Tarot, A disgustingly relatable tarot deck


"💨Each deck is imbued with the fart of a tiny Bigfoot."

WTF is this?

If you thought you didn’t want your mom to find your tarot cards before...

Tarot Mood is a disgustingly relatable tarot comic/ meme deck for irreverent, naughty, scoundrel type folk who, can’t remember shit unless they laugh their ass off to it and envision the whole thing while stoned on the Devil’s Lettuce. Let’s face it guys, we’re all a little bit brain damaged. Soylent Green is people.

All 78 cards are completed and ready to order. I recolored all of Pammy’s line art and wrote funny crap on them. Believe it or not, it took me a really long time. The comics try to encompass the upright and reversed meanings of each card.

Why do you need this ridiculousness?

I personally need this deck just to counteract all the new (c)age bullshit boring my tarot shelfies.

I need this deck because it’s plastic and I can spill my bong water on it.

I need this deck because cats came into my room at night in the shape of a person in a trench coat. I’m terrified, guys. I had to make the deck.

I need this deck so I can giggle every time I read a “is he into me?” reading, from here on out.

I need this deck because I’m disgusting.

I don’t know if any of those apply to you...

Use cards to:

-Test spaghetti

-Bathtub readings

-Freak your mom out

-Please the Dark Lord

-Do cocaine with them

-Flip them at witches like they’re strippers. Better than $2 bills

 Here's what the tarot community has to say about the Mood deck:

"It's a disgrace!" - The Hierophant

"This deck straight up says 'dick' on some of the cards! Don't buy it!" - A concerned tarotist

"What the Hell is a Yeet?" - Debra

"You gotta problem with me, bro?!" - Chad

"I'd like to speak to the creator of the deck." - Karen


Well, Hell. Where do I start? This deck is offensive and self-deprecating. Don’t bother trying to troll it, as it is self-roasting. It knows it is shit, and thinks it’s hilarious anyway. It has it’s problems but it still fuks wit’ ‘em. If you’re a very rigid person you’ll probably feel a slight burning sensation upon its arrival. I still think you should back it though.