Palo Santo Essential Oil - Ecuador (15 ml)


This rare 100% pure Palo Santo Essential oil, also known by its botanical name Bursera Graveolens, is distilled in small quantities from ecologically and sustainably harvested wood gathered in Machalilla Park on Ecuador's Pacific coast.

Palo Santo Wood Essential Oil has a fine citrus aroma from naturally occurring limonene with underlying notes reminiscent of frankincense, its close relative. The wood and oil have distinct therapeutic benefits that are utilized in traditional ethnobotanical medicine of the Andes.

Botanical Name: Bursera graveolens.

Description: 100% pure Bursera graveolens distilled in small quantities from ecologically and sustainably harvested holy wood gathered in Machalilla Park on Ecuador's Pacific coast.

Of Interest: Palo Santo is originally from the dry tropical forests on the coast of the South Pacific, Ecuador being the main country where this tree is found. Similar to resin, Palo Santo Oil is only concentrated and deposited in the interior of the tree trunk. It can take up to 10 years to produce the oil and to get concentrated in their trunk. Only tree branches that fall naturally from the ground go into making this oil. The average life time of the tree of Palo Santo is between 80 and 90 years.

History: The natives in Ecuador have a history of using these oils mainly to protect themselves from insects (mosquitoes) for many years and also in ancestral rituals where shamans use this oil to clear bad energy from the bodies. They also leveraged it as an essential oil and to perfume their homes.

Properties Review: In aromatherapy, these blends of Essential Oils are considered to be antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It is said to have excellent absorption properties and can be useful in massage therapy as a carrier oil blend, much like frankincense, to relieve pain and inflammation of the muscles and joints, and regenerates skin conditions, promotes skin nutrition, healing and flexibility. You’ll love how Palo Santo can generate states of calmness and relaxation and is beneficial for meditation, concentration, and for enhancing creativity and learning. In spiritual aromatherapy, it can be used as perfume to release negative energy and to purify and cleanse the spirit.

Benefits: Scent may help with stress, sadness, bad mood, headaches, panic and anxiety.

Parts Sourced: Wood from aged fallen trees

Color Information: Yellow to Light Brown Liquid

Consistency: Thin

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Note Classification Review: Top Aroma

Description:  A fine limonene citrus scent with underlying notes reminiscent of the closely-related frankincense; fresh, intense woody aroma with a slight hint of citrus that you’re sure to love!

Aroma Strength: Strong

Blends Well With: Cedarwood, sandalwood and other wood oils

Origin: Ecuador

Cultivation: Wild harvested

Safety Data Information Review: Generally non-toxic and non-sensitizing; it may be a skin irritant. Not for internal use. Avoid use if pregnant.