Pendulum (Metal, Pointed Cone)


A dowsing metal pendulum designed as a pointed cone and made of a trustworthy metal. It acts as a good conductor of your subtle energy. Choose between silver plated, gold plated, or copper plated.

 I use pendulums with the subtle energy of my body primarily to confirm meanings of tarot/oracle cards or my own intuition. I use a few different materials of pendulums including copper, quartz and moldavite. However, at the time of this listing, I am still searching for the best designed crystal pendulums. A lot of them are made very cheaply and I only want to sell the best in my shop! In the meantime, I have had a lot of consistent responsiveness with my metal pendulums, so I wanted to bring you these in the meantime. If you're planning to take my upcoming tarot courses, I'll be teaching pendulum use during those courses and you'll want to have one for the class.