Pink Amethyst, Uruguay - A2


AA Quality Pink Amethyst Formation. From The La Bolsa Mine. Artigas, Uruguay. This makes a great statement piece. Amethyst becomes pink as a result of inclusions of Hematite within the crystalline structure. 

Scientists have spent a lot of time examining pink amethyst stone, and were able to conclude early on that this crystal is undoubtedly closer to amethyst than any other major mineral, including rose quartz. 

The major difference between pink amethyst and regular amethyst is that purple amethyst is highly concerned with the psychic realms, while its pink counterpart would rather you view the regular world from a higher perspective. In that sense, it’s a more moderate version of the stone; one that has a certain level of grounding to keep things at an Earth-focused level. 

This listing is for the exact crystal in the photos.