Vorda Plum Blossom Wood Diffuser for Car


We love a portable scent and we love these car diffusers from Vorda! No electricity needed!

Enjoy soothing aromatherapy even while on the road with this compact diffuser that absorbs essential oils into the wood and naturally disperses aroma throughout your car. Made from a single block of natural wood. Replace your regular plastic air fresheners with an environmentally friendly, all-natural diffuser that can be reused over and over with as many different scents as you would prefer.

HOW TO USE: Add a few drops of your desired essential oil onto the center of the wooden plum blossom. The essential oil will seep into the wooden surface in a couple of minutes and be naturally dispersed throughout your car. Insert the clip into the air conditioning vent of your car, then attach the built-in magnet on the back of the wooden plum blossom to the clip. No electricity needed.

Made in United States