Rare Minerals Sale (Elmwood, Cave-in-Rock and Bubble Fluorite)


You'll find the details of these individual crystals in a live video on Instagram Saturday, November 20, 1pm ET, 10am PT

Rare minerals from the US and India. 

Elmwood is in the house y'all!! Elmwood Mine Calcite and Fluorite from Carthage, Tennessee. Included in the sale will also be the lighter purple fluorites on the right of the photo from Cave-in-Rock mining district in Hardin County Illinois and some pretty blue bubble fluorite pieces from India that you haven't seen yet. ⁠ ⁠The link will be released after the live sale to purchase from the site.

These are completely hand-selected from a larger collection of Elmwood & Cave-in-Rock pieces. I picked the best ones, obvi.⁠ ⁠ I'm a collector of Elmwood and it's hard for my heart to actually sell these instead of keeping them. But I could live in a calcite house, or I could pay my bills, so I'm selling them. If you're not already, get ready to be a gem collector. These will find a place in your healing heart like they have mine.⁠ ⁠ The Elmwood mine is a Zinc mine that also produces these hauntingly gorgeous stellar beam calcites and deep purple fluorite. The mine changed ownership in the early 80s and they made it against policy to take the gems out. So, the miners are said to sneak the calcite and fluorite out in lunchboxes, while sometimes the foreman will go in and explode a new pocket of calcite/fluorite if they learn what's been uncovered - just to keep the miners on task. So, these are rare, hard to come by, and very powerful stones. ⁠ ⁠

Additional Info:

The crystals in the photos are representative of this collection and are not always the exact crystal you are buying since they are shown in full view on videos on Instagram.

These are natural crystals and have flaws and imperfections as part of the growing and mining process. All qualities outlined in the Instagram video represent the crystal you are choosing.