Recording of Manifesting with the Aquarius Full Moon


You don't need to attend these live events to receive the energy healing. Somehow, magic makes it possible to experience the energy whenever you choose to watch it!

You are purchasing the video recording of an event from August 21, 2021. This will be available for a short period here, so grab it while it's relevant to the current energies until around mid-September.

After purchase, you'll receive an email from me with access to the video. Enjoy!


Join Astrologer Stacia Secreriat and Reiki Master Mary-Lynne Williams for manifesting & healing with the upcoming Aquarius Full Moon.


An astrology informed reiki & sound energy healing event with Stacia Secreriat of Moon Deep Astrology and Mary-Lynne Williams of Buffalo Firefly.

Saturday, August 21, 2021 at 4-5:30pm PT, 7-8:30pm ET

Registration, $28

On Zoom w/a recording sent to all registered in case you can't make the time!

  • Learn about the astrology of the moment
  • Get manifestation tips on how to work with this energy and push past road blocks in your life
  • Receive Reiki and Sound Energy Healing to allow you to embody the astrology of this period with ease
  • Leave feeling calm, grounded, centered and empowered

August 22nd brings us a rare opportunity: a second full moon in Aquarius. This innovative air sign is the location of the most dynamic astrology of 2021. The full moons on July 23 and August 22 provide us a portal for rapid growth, and clues about how the remainder of our year will play out. Join us to translate these clues into practical information and personal healing potential!

Full moons are culmination points, bringing clarity, focus, and full results in an area of our lives. This particular full moon holds illuminating clues about our collective future, our capacity to innovate and find our place in the world. We're being asked to embrace our authenticity, and forge our own paths. We're being called to envision a better life, and reject what limitations hold us back from reaching our potential. This event will help you find clarity and take steps forward into a brighter future.

Our evening will begin with Stacia sharing how we will use the astrology of this day to open up our energy to the inevitable shifts upon us. Helping us understand how to be in flow with this energy to use it for its greatest manifestation potential. Then Mary-Lynne will lead us in a guided meditation as well as reiki & sound healing for the entire group.

Reiki is a Japanese Healing Art where the practitioner is skilled at shifting our energy and unblocking us when we are stuck. If you've never had Reiki from a distance or through a recording, it's a deep-dive into the unknowns of energy and quantum physics, it defies the constructs we have been exposed to, and it's totally magical!

We'll see you there!

Stacia & Mary-Lynne



Find a quiet place where you can take it all in.

Bring a pen and paper for notes.

A chair or a place to lie down for the energy healing component.

Headphones will help for the parts when music is playing, but it's not required.

Make a mental note about what was happening or top of mind during July which is where the first full moon of this season occurred.