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Thanks to the activists who work so hard un-gendering pink. Y'all are our heros. Pink is everyone's, just like blue. We all have both. In chakra language, pink gets a little bit ignored, but this gentle tone is actually part of the heart chakra colors. They show up in the high heart area... so if you're measuring the vibration of the heart center, the frequency aligns with green. The high heart area frequency aligns with pink. ⁠

Rhodochrosite — I'll be sharing with you some very special super high quality rhodochrosite from Argentina. Robert Simmons in The Book of Stones claims Rhodochrosite emanates one of the most tender and loving energies of any stone, soothing the heart, comforting the soul, and vibrating to the frequencies of inner peace. My experience of this stone is it energizes our own love of self. It's less about attracting love and more about building it. There are a few small towers and a handful of sweet palmstones. This quality is rare. 

Pink Amethyst is also very rare and I hand-selected 3 perfectly balanced pieces for you. The pink is natural and comes from amethyst being deposited with hematite giving it a red-tone. These are rated Extra AA quality, from Uruguay's La Bolsa (Towers) Mine. 

Rose Quartz Flames — these pieces of rose quartz are from the same area of Brazil as the faceted pieces I sold out of. They bring us calming energy that uplifts, (vs calming energy that grounds which we find in the Madagascan rose quartz). Limited quantity. 

Pink Calcite - I have a couple pieces of stacked fish scale calcite from Fuijan China and a few pieces of raw Mangano calcite from the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria.