The Blissful Breath: 10 Minutes of Daily Breathing Exercises That Will Change Your Life


The Blissful Breath aims to empower with simple breathing techniques to help you feel better right here, right now, with just one breath.

Harness the power of your breath to heal your body and mind with just 10 minutes of practice a day. These easy, accessible exercises can be done at your desk, in the shower or in bed and promise to improve your overall wellbeing; from increasing energy, strengthening the immune system and even enhancing creativity.

With just one cycle of breath, we can reduce stress, elevate our mood and improve our focus. How amazing is that?

About the Author

Níall Ó Murchú is a wellness expert with over 20 years’ experience. A former international athlete, today Níall teaches people around the world how to use breathing, the cold and nature as forces for good in their lives. Níall’s online course ‘Blissful Breathing’ has helped many people feel calmer and happier despite the stress and pressures they face. Níall is based in Dublin, Ireland.