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Thanks again to the activists who work so hard un-gendering pink AND blue. Y'all are our heros. Blue is everyone's, just like pink. We all have both. In chakra language, blues tend to align with the throat and he third eye chakras.

Blue onyx (middle back) — I'll be sharing with you some very special super high quality blue onyx from Argentina. There are a few towers plus a couple spheres & pyramids. At first I didn't think I'd be attracted to these stones, but when I saw these in person, I was blown away. Blue onyx is a type of agate most known for helping to break bad habits and addictions. I haven't worked with this stone before, but I've evaluated it's energetic properties and I felt it strongly in my arms... as if it's assisting me in things I would "reach for"... a phone (or an app), a substance, but I also get that it's to help with thought patters that are bad habits and to also re-establish good habits that have fallen to the side, like exercise or healthy eating.

Hemimorphite - This gorgeous aqua stone (back left) is new to me as well. When I saw it and learned that the deep color is completely natural, I had to bring these to the shop. These crystals grow on Zinc. The blue form is known to assist with physical pain. I'll be testing this theory if you leave any of these in the shop for very long. I have some aches and pains from moving that need an assist!

Blue Aragonite palmstones (middle). I've carried these before and I continue to experience these as calming throat energy that allows one to speak with empathy toward others. And 2021 seems like a great year to amplify this quality!

I'll also be sharing Blue Topaz (middle right), Sunstone Iolite (middle left) and some gorgeous blue sapphire garnet combos (front)! Plus the ever-popular timeless Lapis Lazuli.