The Moonchild Tarot

$54.00 USD

The Moonchild Tarot has been carefully crafted to support your reading journey. 

Filled with rich symbology and lush dreamscapes, this unique Tarot is a gentle touchstone and honest teacher. It has been designed to help activate the sweet and mysterious calls of your Higher Self, while tapping into the Akashic records of your soul. 

While the Starchild Tarot is Superconscious, galactic and otherworldly, the Moonchild Tarot is Subconscious and grounding, acting as a new conduit of soulful introspection, working with the transmutational power of the Moon. 

Each deck includes:

  • 79 card deck, plus two bonus cards - 81 total
  • 5" x 3" cards
  • 400 GSM, satin-matte finish card stock
  • Shimmering card backs
  • Two-piece box, printed with satin-matte finish