XLarge Moldavite, Museum Quality

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Roughly 14 gram piece of high quality moldavite. A lot of people have questions about whether moldavite they are purchasing is real because there are a lot of companies making fake moldavite to look real. I am 100% sure these are real. 

I have worked with this batch of moldavite enough to experience its vibrations. I experience its energy the moment I touch a piece. It's a very intense healing stone and should only be used in small doses until you adjust to it. I suggest always using it with a grounding stone such as Shaman's stone, Black Tourmaline, Shungite or Smoky Quartz. This will help subdue the intensity so you can use it for deep insights.

Moldavite is known to be the stone that vibrates at the highest frequency of all crystals & minerals.

If you’re on the edge of a big transformation, moldavite is going to push you through. It may not be easy, but it will happen faster. Start with short exposure to the stone and increase when it’s tolerable. Don’t sleep with it. Unless you want insanity.

A meteor hit the Bohemian plateau of the Czech Republic so long ago you can’t imagine and the result of the meteor mixing with the earth at that location created this “Tektite”. There are a lot of fake moldavite dealers out there, so beware. If the price is too good to be true, then it is. Y’all already know that I don’t mess around with anything lower than the best quality. I source this from a Czech family that’s been dealing moldavite for decades.

You’ll know if it’s your next purchase. You’ll feel its energy through the screen. It’s okay if it feels a little agitating. It should. But if it feels like you’re not ready, work with it in small increments until you have adjusted.