Zambian Emeralds


These are incredible Zambian Emeralds that I got from my Zambian Citrine dealer. This was a splurge, so I kept this to a small quantity. I am also aiming to meet my business goals for May with this sale today, so until the end of May, these Emeralds are priced WAY below their value and VERY close to my cost. Come grab these while I'm feeling generous!⁠ Priced from $111 to $1,111⁠ - These are shown Sunday May 29 at 3pm ET on Instagram.⁠

⁠Emeralds have a reputation of nourishing the heart and sacral energy centers. They are protective and bring abundance, luck and health.⁠ ⁠ In Judy Hall's Encyclopedia of Crystals, she says Emeralds were traditionally bound to the left arm to protect travelers or given to people to exorcise their demons. They are said to protect from the ploys of magicians. Also known as the "Stone of Successful Love"!!! They bring domestic bliss and loyalty and are said to change color to signal unfaithfulness!! They will also enhance your mental equilibrium and metaphysical abilities. ⁠ ⁠

Like strong stones such as Moldavite, Emerald should not be used constantly or it can overstimulate you. But as I always say with those types of stones, use them alongside a grounding stone. So, Emerald to light you up - Petrified Wood to root you while you fly. ⁠ ⁠