Clear Quartz Pendulum


Pendulums are used for "dowsing" and are great tools to communicate with your higher self. These pendulums are favorites of Buffalo Firefly because they are so easy to carry with you since they double as a necklace!

Clear Quartz, Stone of Healing

Known as the "Master Healer," crystal quartz is one of the most common stones on the planet. It comes in many different forms and colors, and this one is clear crystal quartz which makes it a power stone for amplifying and transmitting whatever energy you need most. It's adaptable and resonates with whatever your intention and needs are at any given moment, making it a versatile stone with many different uses, including its ability to charge and amplify the energy of other stones, so many people like to wear them along with other pendulums or stones.

Throughout history, these crystals have been known to vibrate at the same level of their owner, allowing whatever healing the owner is focused on to come through. They're a portal to a higher knowing and healing that you're ready to receive or manifest. Whatever you are moving towards in your life, crystal quartz stones will help you get there. 

Materials: Clear Quartz Pendulum on 28" long gold/brass chain with POUND fist. This piece is adjustable. 

Read the blog post on how to use your pendulum to connect to your Higher Self.

The pendulum you will receive is not the exact photo in the main listing image . The photo is a representation of the stone and each stone has unique qualities as they are manufactured by the earth. :) The photo you see when you choose each variant is the stone you'll receive.