Saturday, July 20th at 6:30pm ET
$22, $33, $44 sliding scale

Full Moon rituals & Full Moon yoga rituals are common practices in many ancient traditions and cultures. These rituals are meant to harness the moon's energy to help set intentions, emotionally release what no longer serves, and feel a deeper connection to our desires and manifestations. The full moon represents the perfect balance between Yin and Yang, when the sun and the moon are opposite each other, and is a powerful time to release and surrender into your practice and welcome in this new cycle of growth! Join us for the Full Moon with Maile!

This event offers a moon salutation yoga flow and sound bath, guided meditation, intention setting, and journaling practice. + optional tea time afterwards to connect and reflect on our practice as a group! You have the option to bring a journal to write down any reflections that come to mind during our practice.

Classes are offered both in-person in Richmond VA and virtually on Zoom. We have space for a limited number of people in person and plenty of spots online! If you would like to be in person and we appear sold out, please contact us.

Sliding scale pricing means that we are offering the same experience in a class, event, or session at multiple price points. Learn more about our sliding scale model here. Choose the price tier that best fits your financial needs at this time, based on your income level and circumstances. If using a code, copy the code from below. Click the Registration button. Click "Redeem Coupon" before paying. Paste the appropriate code in the box, "Apply" the code, and check out. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

  • Tier 1 (Full Price): $44 no code needed
    • I can easily meet my basic needs and have disposable income
  • Tier 2 (Community Rate): $33 use code TIER2-$33
    • I can meet my basic needs but full price prevents me from attending
  • Tier 3 (Accessible Rate): $22 use code TIER3-$22
    • I struggle to meet my basic needs and rely on the accessible rate to attend

About Maile 마일리 (they/she)

Maile 마일리 (they/she) is a Sound and Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Alliance certified RYT200, Pranayama Breathwork guide, as well as our Studio Assistant at Buffalo Firefly! Maile started on their healing journey amidst struggling with an eating disorder,and believes these different modalities have truly impacted where she is today.

Rooted in the belief that these holistic practices help us to deepen our connection to self and the world around us, Maile is passionate about integrating these different healing modalities into both their teachings and personal life. ⁠Maile's yoga classes emphasize body and breath awareness, combining traditional yogic principles with sound healing to encourage a mindful practice leaving students to feel more in tune with the body and spirit. They have completed their Usui Ryoho Reiki training through the Master level under Mary-Lynne Williams and continue to explore and expand on their practice with the intention to provide support for others.

Learn more about Maile's offerings here.