Caleb Flood (he/they)

About Caleb

Using traditional and modern instruments, Caleb creates soundscapes to facilitate inner work and relaxation. He has been playing and performing music since 2004, and his relationship to sound as a tool for energetic work has evolved from this history. As the journey into his own inner world has become more intentional, Caleb’s relationship to sound has become increasingly focused on devotion and surrender. With formal backgrounds in percussion and sculpture, Caleb brings a physical awareness of sound to their sessions, and focuses on the presence of the felt experience.

Sessions with Caleb

In the 90 minute session, we will spend approximately 60 minutes immersed in sound, with 10 minutes for settling in before the sound and 20 minutes to help integrate and process the experience afterwards and (optionally) have a cup of tea.

Once the sound therapy session begins, you will hear a diverse and dynamic array of tones, textures, melodies, rhythms, and silences. Each session will be unique and I won't play the same thing twice, but there will be recurring themes from session to session. I typically start with slower and gentle tones from the singing bowls to tune and ground the space. From there I may venture into whatever I intuit is the appropriate sound for that moment.

Participants may react to these different sounds in entirely unique ways, based on their particular associations and feelings at that moment. You may find some sounds pleasurable and others more challenging to hear. This is part of the experience. Learning to abide in the presence of felt experience, and to accept the changes from moment to moment is a major component of this work.

Sessions will usually end by using the bowls and gongs to re-ground the energy in the space, and we will often observe silence for the last portion of the session. By this time, it may be easier for you to stay in the stillness of your essence, which is my ultimate goal with this work. It is in this space (a meditative space) that many of the healing benefits of sound therapy emerge. Understanding that each of us has the ability to access this reality, I take no credit for potential healings that may occur in this process, I simply believe in the power of sound to guide the mind into this space.


*If you would like to work with Caleb but can't pay the full amount for a session right now, you can reach out to them to inquire about pay-what-you-can options.