SOUNDBATH w/Iris McCray (she/her) — Saturday June 1st at 6:30pm ET, 3:30pm PT
$33, $44, $55 sliding scale

Let The Sun Shine Through

This soundbath is designed to open and clear the lines of communication within you through a unique composition of specific frequencies. Iris will feature Crystal Tones® Alchemy Singing Bowls along with the emotive vibrations of Seraphi Harps, converted vintage Autoharps tuned in a way to be profound messengers through harmonics. The result is a transformational process in which sound moves throughout the body with the intention to heighten your sense of self-awareness, nurture your connectedness, and benefit you physiologically.

Wear comfortable clothes and bring water to hydrate after. If you are attending in-person, everything you need will be provided for you (mats to lie on, blankets, and eye covers). If you are joining us virtually, we recommend using headphones for the best experience.

Soundbaths are offered both in-person in Richmond VA and virtually on Zoom. We have space for a limited number of people in person and plenty of spots online!

Our sliding scale works like this. Choose what price works for you. If using a code, copy the code from below. Click the Registration button. Click "sign up" and you will see a button to "redeem" a coupon code. Paste it in the box, "apply" the code and check out. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

  • Tier 1: $55 no code needed
  • Tier 2: $44 use code TIER2-$44
  • Tier 3: $33 use code TIER3-$33

About Iris McCray (she/her)

Iris McCray is a certified Sound Healer conducting soundbaths in Virginia and Maryland since 2019. She comes to us from her home in Manassas, VA where she lives with her husband and her abundant instrument collection. She holds monthly events at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA and has touched the lives of hundreds of people through sound. The instruments she offers create a wide sound spectrum tapping into the Morphic fields from around the world. Each one of her soundbaths is uniquely arranged and no two have been the same. She is guided to serve for the Highest Good of the individuals she works with, enabling her to create an environment conducive to healing through elevated states of consciousness while staying grounded and connected to the physical plane.