Morgan's Tarot

$21.95 USD

We love the Morgan's Tarot for it's esoteric and direct tone of voice. This deck for us has been a catalyst for change. While sometimes totally vague, the messages seep into you and become quite clear over time.


Morgan's Tarot makes a comeback with its retro black and white drawings and 1960s counterculture philosophy. Created in 1960 to transmit New Age consciousness and energy, Morgan's Tarot was inspired by various spiritual traditions, especially Tibetan Buddhism, but most of the cards reflect direct experiences. This unique card deck departs from the structure of traditional tarot with messages that can be enjoyed in any order. The deck consists of 88 cards including a blank card that denotes the white light of primordial consciousness that flashes between thoughts. The 26-page booklet describes the meanings behind the cards messages.

NOTE: This is NOT a traditional tarot deck with 78 cards w/the major and minor arcana.