Mary-Lynne Williams, Owner/Founder

I'm Mary-Lynne. I'm an Intuition & Mindfulness Coach + Reiki Practitioner who believes that my clients have everything needed inside themselves to heal and grow. My work focuses on career and personal abundance, using tools contextually appropriate for each individual. My sweet-spot is helping you identify your own intuition and learn about your body’s energy centers as well as how to manage your vibe through meditation, mindfulness, energy awareness, and more.

Credentials & Timeline

I founded Buffalo Firefly after working as a design leader in the tech industry for over 20 years — first, in agencies in New York such as Razorfish, and later in Seattle at Microsoft, Facebook and Zillow. I’ll always be a designer, but at my core, I’m here to help people find their own path and their inner voice.

Buffalo Firefly was born out of a desire to do more for individuals than I was able to do in my leadership positions. I believe advice from other people is an input and sometimes a sign or an inspiration, but that everything in your journey comes from your own inner knowing and a healthy flow of energy in your body.

Working together, we will access your voice and turn your path into forward motion through centeredness and action. This can be through energy work (Reiki), intuition & energetics coaching sessions, tarot readings or a combination of these and more. We can work on your career path or your personal situations, whatever is rising to the top for you!

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