"I work with Mary-Lynne as a coach and for energy work. Working with her has helped me to identify actionable steps towards achieving my goals. On a more spiritual level, we have worked to clear energy blocks that had been holding me back. She integrates Tarot into coaching sessions and those offer a fun and different way to gain perspective on current circumstances and to see the path ahead more clearly."

- Erin, Designer

"I highly recommend Mary-Lynne as a coach. Those with a background in design & technology like myself usually have a hard time finding people who can relate. Mary-Lynne has a really good understanding of the nature of our struggles and problems, this coupled with her intuition and knowledge in holistic practices makes up for someone who can help guide you get to where you want to be

My first session with Mary-Lynne was all about discovering issues through a Tarot reading, this was a really interesting way to tap into the narratives in my mind and to discover some of the issues and paths I might take, I highly recommend trying this if you are unsure of where you are at or feel blocked"

- Oscar, Product Designer

"Mary-Lynne is a supremely talented Reiki Master who helped me navigate the uncertainty and turmoil of being laid off during a pandemic with grace and compassion. When I entered the session, I was stressed with bouts of insomnia and anxiety. Afterwards, I could sleep well for the first time in weeks, and was able to think much more clearly and calmly. I highly recommend her services!"

- Anonymous, Software Engineer

"Mary-Lynne is a dynamic coach, a leader who can empathize and read a (real or remote) room and a catalyst for change.

She is constantly iterating and evolving her practice to meet the needs of her audience. I have attended two meditation, mindfulness and energy skills groups. The first was in person at her beautiful home, and the second was a remote series. The group courses taught me many hands on and practical skills to apply during changing and uncertain times in the world. She has helped me remember the power of our breath, the importance of silence and stillness, and the impact our energy has on our own wellbeing and others around us. Most importantly, she empowers myself and others to recognize our ability to tap in and autocorrect our energy and sense of being when we get unbalanced or distracted."

- Kristina, Designer

"I came to Mary-Lynne during a time of career transition, when I was in a place of uncertainty and confusion about my worth, and my self confidence was low.  Mary-Lynne had the intuition, the skills, and the kindness to organize my chaos and help me rebuild my approach to my job search and my career.

One area where our sessions have brought incredible results is in managing my physical stress response during interviews. Mary-Lynne's holistic approach to coaching means she can offer solutions on multiple fronts, including building skills that help me remain centered and calm, and that reconnect me with positive energy.
I especially like Mary-Lynne's emphasis on addressing the whole Self—that, in addition to traditional resume refinement and interview coaching, we spend time focusing inward and being mindful of how emotions and energy affect our outcomes.
I highly recommend Mary-Lynne to anyone needing thoughtful, healing guidance for every aspect of your career and your Self."
- Jane, Product Manager

"I've had the incredible privilege to work with Mary-Lynne on a couple of different occasions. I had never done Reiki before, despite the fact that many people have recommended it to me. I was often concerned about other people messing with my energy and was very particular about finding the right practitioner to work with. I knew the right person would come at the right time, and low and behold, she did! When I saw Mary-Lynne was offering these services I knew I had found my person. I finally came to Mary-Lynne after experiencing some severe recurring back pain that I knew held more than just physicality to it.
My first experience was in person. I felt so comfortable and supported through the entire process. Her home studio feels like walking into a specially curated sanctuary and the cats brought an extra touch of love. The Tarot reading we did together continues to guide and resonate with me and through working with her and watching her with the cards I became more familiar in trusting my own intuition - which was something I wouldn't have expected. During the Reiki session I felt a number of physical sensations that continued for a number of days after. One of the greatest sensations was a feeling of being deeply rooted, like anything could come my way and I wasn't phased in one bit. I had a number of things that would normally send me over the edge happen and I felt like I could handle them without a problem.
The remote session was equally powerful. I was able to release things that were not serving me and re-establish my center after our session. I felt comfortable and totally connected, even though we were not in the same room. And similar to the in person session, I left feeling deeply rooted, connected to my own source of power, and clear direction on what I need to continue to work on in order to continue with my growth.
I highly recommend Mary-Lynne. She is compassionate yet firm. She is clear and incredibly intuitive...and so much fun. You will learn about yourself in ways you do not expect."

- Morgan, Coach