Holy Body Oil

$38.00 USD

A superlative herbal body oil to celebrate the skin, leaving it thoroughly hydrated and ridiculously soft. Our Holy Body Oils make your skin feel loved, nourished, and untamed. Immensely nourishing and moisturizing, this formula rewilds your skin and feeds your soul.

+ Deep, lasting hydration
+ Conscious connection to nature
+ Uplifts the spirit
+ Soothes and softens
+ Relieves dry, dull skin tone


Invigorated and deeply nourished with a silky smooth finish.


Woody, sacred, and bright with citrus undertones.



PURE ESSENTIAL OILS of Cedarwood, Pinion Pine, Neroli and Lemon

ORGANIC COLD-PRESSED OIL BLEND: sunflower, golden jojoba, evening primrose, prickly pear and castor