Malachite Hexagon Necklace

$145.00 USD

Gold chain

Malachite is the “Stone of Transformation.”

It holds deep healing energies for our Mother Earth and protects us from harmful EMFs and general negative energy. It is an amazing stone for people who work indoors all day and are unable to be immersed in nature as often as they would like.

Malachite helps us tap into the healing frequencies we are able to absorb when connecting to the land. It is also a Heart Chakra stone that assists us in removing blockages in the energies of the heart that keep us stuck in fear mode.

A stone for the Venus rx cycle through Leo----reclaiming the truest desires of the Heart. Themes of Love, Partnership, Community, Values, Abundance, Resource---all re-united with the intention that feels most authentically pure. 

14k gold fill or sterling silver

Length: 16-18"

Pound Jewelry