Serpentine Tumbled Stones

$9.00 USD

This is a bulk listing. Stones will be chosen intuitively. All of the stones are hand-selected and are roughly the same size. Choose the number you'd like and add to your cart and we'll select for you.

Serpentine is known for releasing fear of change. Change is the only constant and serpentine might even cause the change. Hehe. As crystals have a habit of doing. If you'd like an assist getting through the shift, grab one of these little serpentine tumbles. Try doing a body layout with them. Holding one in each hand and placing one on your solar plexus and your heart. Serpentine works well with both of these chakras. Add a little root stone between your legs and a selenite or high crown crystal like amphibole or apophyllite above your head and just wait for it... 

Kundalini energy can be activated to rise from the root using serpentine, so don't use serpentine for longer than 10 or 20 minutes so the energy won't burst all at once. With kundalini rising serpent energy, a little goes a long way.  

Release your old skin and move forward with serpentine.

Additional Info:

The crystals in the photos are representative of this collection and are not always the exact crystal you are buying since they are shown in full view on videos on Instagram.

These are natural crystals and have flaws and imperfections as part of the growing and mining process. All qualities outlined in the Instagram video represent the crystal you are choosing.