The Shaman's Guide to Power Animals

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I love this book on its own, or as a guide to partner with Kim Krans' Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck & Guidebook. I use this book to go deeper, or to get an alternate view on an animal message when I feel like I could connect more with the opportunity I'm invited to learn from. I also find this book to be an incredible resource when I see an animal out and about‚ or if something shows up on a TV show or the internet. I take that animal, the entries from this book, and the thoughts where my mind was wandering and I mash them up together to see what comes up for me! I hope you enjoy it!

- Mary-Lynne, Founder of Buffalo Firefly

Power Animals have served humanity as our spiritual protectors, teachers, messengers, companions, and helpers since our prehistoric ancestors walked the Earth. Shamans have always relied heavily on their wisdom, healing medicine, and partnership. Whether in the mystery schools of ancient Egypt and Greece or in the ceremonial and folk traditions of Native America, Africa, and Europe, it is recognized that the embodiment of animal characteristics, the revelation of their symbolism, and their timely appearance can bring us deeper insights and empowerment. The Shaman's Guide to Power Animals is a cross-cultural journey into the mystical symbolism and stories of over 200 birds, fish, insects, and mammals drawn from ancient and indigenous cultures worldwide. It is a spiritual tool for understanding omens when an animal crosses your path or appears in a dream, or to apply in situations where you need protection or want to chart a course or locate resources.

Incorporating channeled messages from the Power Animals, it explains:

  • What Power Animals are and how to identify yours.
  • Rituals, prayers, and affirmations you can use to ask a Power Animal for its help.
  • Archetypal powers associated with different Power Animals and ways to activate them.
  • How a Power Animal can act as your go-between to the spirit world to communicate with the dead and ancestral spirits or help you to recruit a multidimensional support team.
  • Why you never need feel alone once you know you belong to the kinship of nature.
  • Crystals, colors, and physical energy centers that correspond to each Power Animal.