Koshi Chimes (Individual)

$54.00 USD


Koshi Chimes have four melodic tunings inspired by the elements: Aqua, Aria, Terra, and Ignis. When sounding together, the chimes roll in rich, harmonious overtones reminiscent of the elements’ coexistence in the sublunary sphere. Picture pure elemental balance, bliss, yin and yang in sonic form. 

Each chime is made from eight metal tines attached to a metal base inside of a bamboo resonating tube. They were developed by Kabir, inventor of the Shanti Chime. After 20 years of experience creating and experimenting with chimes, he developed a new tuning technique which yielded deep tones, rich harmonics, and full overtones. These chimes are perfect for sound baths and sound healers.

4 Koshi Element Chimes:

  • Aqua (Water) is the deepest and the most emotional of the elements. This feeling of depth and nurturing care is captured exquisitely in this Koshi Chime. (Notes: A D F G A D F A)
  • Aria (Air) is regarded as the purest of the elements. Connect with the aether residing in the atmospheres of our planet with this lively Koshi Chime. (Notes: A C E A B C E B)
  • Ignis (Fire) is the element representing warmth and passion. Bold and sparkling, this Koshi Chime awakens and connects the listener to the hottest worldly element. (Notes: G B D G B D G A)
  • Terra (Earth) is associated with all that is wise, rational, and tangible. This Koshi Chime represents these concepts with a slow organic sound interspersed with rich, fertile tones. (Notes: G C E F G C E G) 

Note: You can put Koshi Chimes outside, but like all wooden objects it's best to treat them regularly with a protective oillike colorless Tung or Teak oil. It is best to keep them sheltered from rain. If you didn't pay heed to this warning and already have mold, it can be cleaned with a little bit of diluted bleach.

Individual Chime Measurements:
Length of Chime: 6 1/2"
Total Length of Item: 14"
Diameter of Chime: 2 1/2"

Out of stock chimes can be pre-ordered. If you pre-order a chime as part of a larger order, you will be charged separately for shipping, unless you'd like to hold the whole order until the chime is ready to ship.