Zaphir Chimes (Individual)

$49.00 USD


**The colors of the chimes pictured may not reflect the color of the chime you will receive**

Zaphir chimes, well known for over 30 years, are appreciated for their quality, their crystal-clear sound and their glowing colours.

These chimes are handmade. Most of the materials used are ecological and recyclable. EEG Standards. The wooden parts are eco wax coated.

Hold the chime by the string, then swing it gently. A magic melody of harmonics will leave you in a quiet wonder.

With their harmonizing and relaxing sound, Zaphir’s chimes have become a wonderful tool for relaxation, yoga, meditation, Feng Shui, sound-sessions and other forms of therapy.

Suspended in the doorway or by an open window, a light breeze will surprise you with an enchanted melody.

Tuning Variants:

Each Zaphir Chime rings a series of 8 notes based on the 8 metal rods inside which differ for tone length.

  • Blue Moon: D F A B C E A# C
  • Sufi: F A D F A G A D
  • Crystalide: G A B D A G B D
  • Twilight: E G B C E G B C
  • Sunray: G# B C# E G# E A C#

Note: These chimes can be used outside, but it is best to keep them in a dry place, in a window, or under a shelter of some kind. If left outside in the weather, the vibrant colors will eventually dull, but the sound will remain intact. These chimes are not meant for children under 5 years old.

Total Chime Length: 14.5"
Chime Length: 5"
Chime Diameter: 2.5"

Out of stock chimes can be pre-ordered. If you pre-order a chime as part of a larger order, you will be charged separately for shipping, unless you'd like to hold the whole order until the chime is ready to ship.